Pricing Packages

Administrative and Social Media Tasks Only

Snack Pack

$38/hour - 5hr monthly minimum

Do you want to get a few tasks completed every month but don’t need to commit 10 hours? Not a problem! The Snack Pack is the perfect choice for you!


I think I need help?

$32/hour -10hr monthly minimum

This package is for the business owner or individual who needs a little bit of assistance each month. Together, we’ll customize the package to fit your needs throughout the month. Don’t let the smallest mundane administrative task get in the way of doing what you love. Let us handle that!


I know I need help!

$30/hour - 20hr monthly minimum

Most popular package! This package is for the business owner or individual that knows they need consistent monthly assistance. Take advantage of having your own virtual assistant managing social media and tackling your administrative responsibilities. As a team, we will discuss your most challenging monthly tasks and customize a package you’ll love.


Total Takeover

$28/hour - 40hr monthly minimum

Do you need a part-time assistant? Let us help run your day to day business. This package is perfect for businesses who need administrative assistance without the hassle of providing an office or benefits for an employee. Free up your time by outsourcing your administrative duties to The Task Takeover. Schedule a consultation today!


Podcast Packages

Limited Availability


$1,500 flat rate for 1 month

Do you have an awesome idea for a podcast but don’t know where to start? Hire The Task Takeover to completely develop your show. We will help narrow down the concept, set up your website, and create your social media. The development package includes the creation of your intro and outro, along with your first full episode.


$275/month for weekly episodes up to 30 minutes or $375/month for weekly episodes up to 60 minutes

Record your show and let us do the rest. For each episode, we will add your intro and outro, edit mistakes, and schedule your show for release through your hosting site. We’ll even add some background music and effects to make listening to your show more enjoyable.